Hello! Welcome to our booth.

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Welcome to TreO Bamboo's virtual booth.

Are you looking for unique and eco-friendly gifts for this holiday season? 

We offer eco-friendly alternatives to plastics through handcrafted products made from natural materials such as bamboo or coconut. 

  • Cocozen Candle: Warm and cool your home with a natural candle from TreO Bamboo! This natural candle helps you feel a Zen life and brings peace, naturalness and balance to your daily life. 
  • Coconut Bowl: Either natural bowl or Chay (Vegan) bowl. These eco-friendly bowls are perfect for any use such as salads or smoothies. 
  • Zero Waste Set of Coconut Wooden Utensils: A beautiful and neat texture makes this reusable utensil a perfect gift from nature. 
  • Bamboo Toothbrush: This bamboo toothbrush is the most appropriate choice for those who are concerned about dental health and wish to contribute more to the environment.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

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